JSM, Day 3: Prior, Medicine, Afghanistan, Bayesian mixer

(by Julien Cornebise)

Alert alert alert: Due to foreseen circumstance #1 (Bayesian mixer/reception + Savage award announcements) and foreseen circumstance #2 (JSM Dance night), today’s post might occur late tonight… or early tomorrow. Let’s hope that their relatively discreet advertisement, and their even more discreet position in the program [social events are in the two dense pages at the beginning of each day’s program, that everyone skip to see the technical program], will not impact too much on their attendance!

A teaser, though: a brilliant roundtable on Bayesian controversies by Jim Berger, Christian Robert and Andrew Gelman, a IMS Medallion Lecture by Sylvia Richardson, and a very interesting session on Afghanistan and Iraq — as well as a remark on the impact of funding sources on the dataset one can use.

See you there and then!


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